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Integrating Amazon Cloud Drive with OwnCloud

I’ve decided it’s worth some time to integrate Amazon Cloud Drive, which I’ve enjoyed using for some time, with ownCloud with the ultimate goal of using ownCloud to federate and manage my various cloud and internal storage services.  ownCloud already supports several of them, but I’ve invested in both ACD and Pogoplug, and I’d like to see both get first level support in the core product.

Following this ticket,  I see that this does have some interest behind it, and is, as far as I can tell, not yet implemented by the core team.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • Submitted signed license delegation required for contributions
  • Forked the repo for local use until I can later remerge to a branch on the origin repo.
  • Configured and setup a development host after learning ownCloud doesn’t run on Windows.  At all.
  • Identified where the integration point is within OC’s core file_external source
  • Registered and configured an Amazon developer account

Next steps:

  • Begin simple debugging of Amazon login delegation (with oAuth and token granting)
  • Create wrappers for the various ACD activities

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Mark Martin

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